13 lug 2013

what a second time mom needs...


now that my due date is coming i'm unpacking all the little dresses and toys of when zoeti was born. my parents keep asking me if i need something or what they can buy as a present for the new baby and i'm .... in difficulty! the truth is that i've plenty of neutral dresses (i didn't know that zoeti would be a girl so i bought just yellow, white, green and light blue dresses), our stroller is brand new, car seat is ready, my cousin lend me the swinging chair, i bought tons of books when zoeti was born to read before nap time and i still have a box full of toys for newborns. so... what can be useful for a second time mom?!

i've checked on internet and so far that's the most clever ideas i've found:

# a board for stroller: zoeti doesn't use the stroller that much but i can't think about carring her around in my arms! a board can be a great solution and it's easy to keep both of your children under control!

# i already have a mei tai and i was thinking about buying something more suitable for a newborn such as a long sling... i've just read the ester weber's book portare i piccoli (carry the little ones) and this time i want to commit more: the contact between mother and child has so many advantages!

 # diapers: yes guys... can seems a strange gift but a newborn needs a lots of diapers and they always end up when you least expect it! if you want a fancy presentation, you can buy a diaper cake
( a friend of mine makes them with soap or cream inside... always a success!)

# a photo album (digital or paper): i've heard that usually second child doesn't have so many pictures as the first born. i love taking pictures and i have my camera with me almost every moment so i don't think this will be a problem but having a project or a place to put the very first pictures of the newborn is always a great idea i think!

# hygiene products: i'm not a big fan of cream and oil for babies but a bio soap with a natural sponge will be definetely appreciated! i took a course of baby massage with zoeti but... i don't know about your kids but mine didn't likebeing stripped for a massage and after the bath she did totally not agree on staying naked! that's way i used cream or oil maybe three times!

# something silly for the big sister/brother: please, don't forget the first born!! a newborn doesn't care if you say that he/she is so beautiful or if you give him/her attentions, but a toddler does! when my friends became mothers for the second time i always gave my attention to the big kid first, congratulating them for being a big brother or sister and giving them something like a sweet or a small toy. it's very important and helpful for the mommy because an angry and jealous child to deal with is always hard!

# food: i'm already filling the freezer with quiches, lasagnas, meat, etc... i remember those crazy first days, when you come home with this new baby and cooking seems the hardest and the least of your worries. but this time i have a little daughter that NEEDS to eat properly (which means no pizza 6 dinners per week)! that's way we (my husband is an amazing chef) are preparing food in advance...

# time: take care of the little one while mommy can spend some quality time with the first born (and viceversa) can be a great gift too! zoeti, for example, loves swings so bring her to the playground for an hour will let me stay 100% with the newborn without guilt.

# nice words: during this pregnancy i'm feeling like a torn mother: i can't stay with zoeti as i want and i'm not "listening" the newborn's movements as i did the first time. everything i do seems to be wrong in some way. after childbirth you already have a crazy battle of hormones, tons of thing to do and a life to reorganize so just take two minutes to ask a mommy "how are you?" or to tell her that she is doing a great job can be one of the most appreciated (and free!) present you can ever make!

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