18 lug 2013

room # 4: the kitchen

DSC_0877 DSC_0878
Our kitchen is quite small but full of personal touches! The first thing that everyone notices is the stove which is mounted on a 40s football table (it was my husband’s idea and I love it!).
Giulio’s granpa made the kitchen table (a classic table à la vicentina) and we put a print on it with a photo of us when we were children. We bought the pictures from a very talented photographer Piero Martinello.
This lamp made in an old helmet hairdressers is another of my husband’s stroke of genius. It’s charming having a special dinner with just this lamp turned on…
A small collection of jars.
DSC_0880the green side of the kitchen…
other rooms:
room #1: zoeti’s bedroom
room #2: our bedroom
room #3: the living room

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