6 lug 2013

carrot & chocolate plumcake

i saw this recipe on a tv program and i made it several times since then… but this time i had a special helper: zoeti! this was actually our first four-hands-recipe and we enjoyed it so much!! it’s easy to do with a kid, healthy and… delicious!
i have added choco drops to the original recipe.

400 gr of carrots
3 eggs
300 gr of flour
300 gr of sugar
chocolate drops
baking powder
1 glass of seed oil
Senza titolo-2

first of all whisk all the carrots. then break the eggs in a bowl.
then add the flour with the baking powder, the sugar a little bit of salt and the seed oil and mix all together.
the last touch is the chocolate and…
voilà! after 20-25 minutes at 180°. (we made this three muffins as special trick for dinner)

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