11 lug 2013

pregnancy hospital bag

My due date is in three weeks and I prepared my hospital bag a week ago. There were still some things missing but today I’ve bought the last couple of stuff, checked if everything was in order and put a post it on it for the things I cannot prepare in advance (such as all the prenatal exams or my hairbrush).
Honestly I don’t remember if with zoeti I prepared the bag even earlier but I know for sure that this time I was calm and relaxed doing it. The hospital I’ve chosen this time is three minutes away from my house (yes… three minutes!) and the visiting hour for daddies is the whole afternoon (the other hospital – the one I chosed for zoeti let in dads just for a couple of hours!) so If I forget something it will be easy to go and take it.
Actually I’ve chosed a trolley instead of a bag because the first time I made a mess inside between my stuff and zoeti’s stuff, and presents… normally hospital’s lockers are not that big but there’s no difference in size between a big bag or a cabin trolley.
Let’s see what’s inside my bag:
- Two nightgowns and a gym set (leggings and tshirt).; I don’t feel comfortable with nightgowns so I bought some comfortable front-open shirts and pants.
- A sweater and a pair of socks: even if it will be hot it’s common feel cold after the birth.
- towels and bathrobe.
- Flip flop (easy to use also in the shower).
- Toiletries.
- Make up! Yes guys… I said make up but I don’t mean anything too complicated, just mascara, eyeliner, gloss and a bb cream. The truth is that after the birth your belly will still be big and flabby for a while and you feel exhausted for the first day or two and everybody will come to visit you and see the baby… try to be in order and maybe even cutel will help your mood!
- Four small bags for the newborn baby with onesie, dress, socks, hat and bib. It’s easy to find what you need if you keep everything divided in bags.
- A present for the big sister. I bought a book and a coloring album for her to celebrate her new status as a big sister and daddy will give her a present to bring to the hospital for the baby.
- Cell phone! I can’t imagine staying 3 days in the hospital without hearing my family every time I want to or without taking pictures or sending messages! I need my I phone!!
- Other necessary personal stuff such as post-partum pads (yes they’re big and yes i’ll need them!) and post natal pants (you can throw them away after use).
i have not packed nursing bras because i feel more confortable with bikini top or … nothing! that’s an advice that a midwife gave me “let dry your nipples outdoors will prevent sore nipples. i haven’t packed magazines as well because, believe me, you really need to rest and sleep as much as you can! plus i remember to have spent all my spare time staring at my beautiful perfect baby…
i can say i’m ready… now i just have to convince the baby to get out!!!

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