26 mar 2013

what to eat when you are pregnant

i know that in many countries there's no something called "toxoplasmosis" or pregnant women are not routinely screened for it as happens here in italy for example. the fact is that if you're negative (which means that you are receptive) you have to be careful with raw vegetables and fruits, not well cooked meat, fresh eggs and not pastorized milk (and with gardening and cats). i'm one of those unlucky woman who is receptive so i have to take precautions with food. it's strange how much you can miss a type of food when you can't eat it for 8 months!
that's something healthy and toxo free for those of you who need food inspiration:


that's what i usually have for breakfast. beginning a new day with an orange juice prevent from many seasonal deseases and last winter i had no one single cold or cough (even if zoeti brought home a lot of virus!). carbs are important to let you start with some energy and that's why my breakfast has always a carb portion. i add some decaf or barley coffee to the milk.

Some ideas for lunch or dinner

eggs + fresh tomatoes + mushrooms + broccoli with cheese

stracchino (a soft cheese) + fresh tomatoes + steamed vegetables + some bread

a mix of sauteed vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, red & yellow peppers, onion, an eggplant), that you can use as side for a main dish or for a special pasta!

i'll post some other toxo free recipe as soon as i can!


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  1. That pasta looks so good!

    Hope you have a great day!



    1. it was very delicious!! thanks for stopping by!


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