14 mar 2013

4# book review


this month i’ve read the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald and i’m so totally into the roaring 20s. i don’t have to tell you what’s the book about since it’s one of the most famous american classic in the world but if i had to sum the book in just one short sentence it will be: it’s a book about the desperation of love. the background of a shiny, happy, rich life that the main characters have in common is nothing that a curtain for their desperation and their loneliness.

it was not easy reading the book in english; as you already know (and can easily understand from how i write… ) english is not my mother language and many expressions that fitzgerald used are not so common. So, to understand the story better, i’ve seen also the first movie, the one with mia farrow and robert redford. i’ve read a lot of reviews of this movie and seems that are all agree to say that the book is hundreds of times better and the actors chosen didn’t suit the fitzgerald’s idea. i’m not so an expert to write something like this… i think that lights and costumes were great, but maybe the book has a dept that the movie doesn’t show.

in the end i’m satisfied by my choice of book and the movie was on my to-see list for a while so…

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