1 mar 2013

an hitchcock's evening…

i was reading the last elle issue (italian edition, of course!) and i was struck by an article about alfred hitchcock and his wife, alma reville. i almost cried reading what he said in his famous speech to the american film institute in 1979:
I beg to mention by name only four people who have given me the most
affection, appreciation and encouragement...and constant collaboration.
The first of the four is a film editor, the second is a scriptwriter,
the third is the mother of my daughter Pat, and the fourth is as fine a
cook as ever performed miracles in a domestic kitchen...and their names
are Alma Reville. 

Had the beautiful Miss Reville not accepted a lifetime contract, without
options, as "Mrs Alfred Hitchcock" some 53 years ago, Mr Alfred Hitchcock
might be in this room tonight...not at this table, but as one of the
slower waiters on the floor. 

I share my award, as I have my life, with her.

i never heard about her and i’ve studied hitchcock’s filmography at university! how is it possible? so i decided to see the last movie hitchcock by sasha gervasi. the movie is formally focused on psyco, the greatest hitchcock’s success, but you can also see how he was and the special relationship with alma. mrs hitchcock is such a talented, elegant, determined woman with a deep composure even in the face of her husband's obsession for his protagonists. i wonder if she was never been jelous of hitch’s success… if she never tought “hey, i’m the one who adjust all the scenes, that encourage alfred when he’s down, that make things work!”. no… probably not! and that made me think of my marriage. my wonderful husband has a great job (he designs shops for a worldwide famous brand). he travels, he has interesting collegues, he has to be reach even in the evening or weekends… and sometimes i’m jelous. i just can’t help it! but he really needs me to work near house to manage our child (well now i’m in maternity leave), he could really use some support when he’s tired or worried about his job, and he really needs to find a happy wife when he comes back home (not a grumpy one as often lately!) so, that’s my promise for you, giulio: i’ll try to be more alma reville!

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