20 mar 2013

happy father’s day!

yesterday was our father’s day! i know that in other country it comes on different days but here in italy is always on 19th of march. last year zoeti was too small and wasn’t already going to the nursery school, but this year she came home with a beautiful artwork for daddy and a poem! i prepared a special dinner (fish and eggplant with a special recipe that i’m going to share tomorrow) and a dessert that giulio loved: strawberry and chocolate muffins with whipped cream – delicious!

i took very few pictures not because i didn’t want to but because my choice to sell my reflex for a mirrorless was totally wrong for me… this saturday i hope to get back my reflex!

running out of the nursery school with her artwork!
her car in daddy's place

and an old picture of me and my daddy...
happy father's day!

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