15 mar 2013


don't get me wrong... i simply love my family and my child is my reason on life (along with my husband and you, my little soon-to-be-born). but... there are days, like today, when i just want to get off this crazy wheel! this was one of those week where i can't organize dinners or shopping list, where i don't have time to clean the house, where i always feel like a mess... and, on the top of everything, zoeti had fever for almost the whole week! she was so sad and annoyed when the fever was high and incredibly active when she felt better. but this week i didn't have the energy either to keep her constantly in arm or to play no-stop. 
but this week is going to finish today! zoeti is without fever since yesterday, i have cleaned the house and we're going to have dinner with my parents (so no cooking for me!). and... i allowed myself a complete hair treatment this afternoon while my mother-in-law was watching zoeti! 
sometimes a mom just needs to remember how to be a woman to become a better mom!IMG_0493

and that’s the result of 3 hours of attentions, massages, hair brush and gossip: a cute haircut and a big smile!

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