16 apr 2013

baby's playlist

and finally the spring arrived...! i'm so happy when i open the windows in the morning and a warm sun is waiting for us! yesterday i got out for a walk... actually my first "baby bump walk". i used to walk so much when i was pregnant with zoeti and during our ride i told her if we met a cat or a dog, if there were particular flowers along the way and we used to listen a lot of music. i created a playlist just for her and we fell in love so much with doris day singing che sera sera that is still one of her favorite song and the only one that can calm her down when she's restless. so during this first walk just me and my belly i started thinking about a new playlist! music is important for me and i want that my children love music as much as their parents do. i googled "baby's dedicated song list" and i found out some very nice lullabies and a lot of country songs. i'm still listening some of them, trying to find out the perfect mix for this new baby. so far her/his playlist includes: over the rainbow - judy garland
la cura - franco battiato (one of my favorite song ever and very famous here in italy)
a famous cuban song that i'm not going to tell you because the title is the name we chose for a baby girl (and it's still to secret for relatives and friends! - sorry)

i'm still browsing between the suggestions i've found on internet: martina mcbride and tim mcgrow (if it's a girl), celine dion, carole king and billy joel...
any suggestion? have you ever create a playlist for your child?

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