9 apr 2013

a room for a big sister!

during the past month we made some changes in zoeti’s room. i’ve already post about her bedroom here, but after reading some montessori’s book i decided to create something more suitable for her.


i’m proud of her room! there’s plenty of space to play, run, read and … receive friends! and it’s a great mix of vintage and new stuff, with an ikea touch here and there!  


the bookshelf was originally an ikea spice racks! it’s an interesting way to display books and i notice that zoeti “reads” a lot more since when we put her books like that. every night she runs to chose a book between the ones exposed. i rotate them every week. our favorite right now is I’m a big sister. i keep the italian books in one box and english books in another.


giulio found that wonderful blue hanger in an antique market and zoeti can now hang her coat by herself (as montessori said). we also a table (ikea) and a bookshelf for toys, for keeping them in order and in a specific place.


her closet is always the same and i love it so much! zoeti will share it with her brother or sister: a door for each! kids clothes are so beautiful that i love being able to see them through the closet!

when we chose this crib (ikea) we know that  the bed sides were fixed, but it was so romantic that we bought it anyway. now zoeti is a big girl and my growing belly makes everything more difficult so in order to improve her autonomy (and help mommy’s back!) giulio did this bed side so she can easily go in and out. in a month her new bed will arrive and we put this away… waiting to use it again…


her music box and a creative corner, with colours, chalks and modeling clay. she loves painting (inside and outside the paper!)


and that’s a little corner for the new brother or sister… to give shoes as good luck is a tradition here and you can see also one of my last purchases: a super cute baby onesie! i’ll share something more of our last shopping days soon! 

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