4 apr 2013

the library

last week zoeti was still sick but not so much to stay stuck in the house... with the pregnancy, houseworks etc i was thinking about what we can do, easy for me and funny for her. i have to admit that where i live (but i suspect to be so throughout italy) a baby until 6 years old has nothing to do! if there's any activities is for school age guys, for example kitchen course or music. there's a place where they make plays for children between 1 and 3 but it's open one morning per week!! i was exausted to stay at home, and zoeti was asking for peppa pig more than i wanted so we decided to go to the public library! it was a blast!! we're actually visiting every library around here trying to find the right one. i think it's a mom's duty to give some advices to libraries to make that place more confortable and that's what i'm doing right now! the library where i grow up has, for example, a couple of flaws: there was few english books and no changing table. these are two of my obsessions... i mean an ikea changing table is very cheap so no a big  deal for public places or restaurants! this should be a rule: if you want to open a place to the public you have to have a changing table. unfortunately here it's not so common (except for regions like trentino alto adige where is a must). it's something i never notice before being a mom (why should i?) but after had to become a contortionist for changing a diaper, you start to notice everything!
english is another obsession for me. linguists and educators agree that the sooner you start with a new language the better! well, i love my language; it's the language of art, of dante, of the great rome... but let's face it: it's unuseful. my children must speak english to do almost anything so why don't start to teach it from an early age? and again there are english courses or activities if you're over 6. 
on friday i'll have a dinner with other moms with children between 1 and 3 and i'm going to testing the waters... if this english issue is shared i want to try to resolve the situation! because i think that being a mom is a responsability not only towards your children but the whole comunity!

we played a lot!

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