23 apr 2013

mini shopaholic!

yes... still a little bit big, but here we have rainy spring and rainy autumn!

recently i've been into this store with a huge sale for closing and i fell in love with powell craft! i bought this raincoat and some other cute things for our next baby, our nephew and friend's kids! zoeti keeps asking me to wear it even when it's not raining!! this english brand is a family-owned business that houses victoria-inspired clothes for kids (and a selection of nightdresses and blankets). now that the shop where i bought these fabulous raincoat is closed i'm looking for other ways to find this super cute stuff! like any busy moms i love shopping online and i found this shop, dolly rose, with a great choice of powell craft products (i don't know why but seems to be impossible to shop directly from pc website)

that's what's in my wishlist:

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