23 dic 2012

when you're stuck in the house...

 after this crazy week stuck in the house with an ill baby i can say that's one of the most difficult things to do! an 18-months-old is all about moving, playing, screaming... it's a concentration of life and keep her inside the house was (and still is) very hard! So... that's some tips for moms in my situation:

# books: fortunately zoeti loves books! we read them every day for one hour or more (a long time for her). i try to use the one with hundreds of pictures and ask her "what's this" "what's that", both in english and italian.

# toys: expecially this one (Ikea). she loves playing with it and that's absolutely the toy that she has that keeps her busy for longest! who said that beautiful toys are expensive?! that's just E 5,99!!

# look outside the window: in the beginning i felt sad keeping the baby near the window to see people outside or animals... but turned out that she loves it! expecially when there are dogs or cats. our neighbour has a cat and she spends hours looking if he's moving, or eating, or ...
now we can almost recognize a car or a motorbike from the sound, we know when children come back from school, we have fun looking at different shapes in the sky or we are surprised when a bird rests on our balcony.

# let's dance! zoeti loves music and when i really don't know what else we can do we just turn on the music and dance! it's good for keeping her busy and for my mood!

# tv: ok... i was one of that moms who believed that tv is not for kids... but... if you look the tv with your little one and choose programs suitable her age i think is ok! not only ok, but useful, for example when the kid has to do aerosol and doesn't want... or when you need 5 minutes to prepare the dinner (but always comment what's on the screen with your baby!)

Any other tips?! I'll be happy to hear some other idea from you!

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