13 dic 2012

dear Santa...

1. a robot... yes, kitchenaid is probably the best, but Santa... i'll be happy with any kind of robot, i'll promise!

2. how cute are these vintage alphabet cards!

3. my interest in montessori method  is still high, so this is  a book i need  to learn some new activities to do with  zoeti.

4. after seeing the result of my mouse-writing you'll agree with me that i need the wacom bamboo pen!!

5. a weekly planner!! I have a feeling this would be a year full of things to remember and i'm an old style girl: i love paper&pen!

yes, Santa, in my wishlist there's no clothes or shoes... it's not an error, it's just that... shopping with friends, or family, is too fun to give it up! i'm just waiting for sales!!

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