30 dic 2012


i was having breakfast this morning, in bed, as usually during these days... zoeti is still sick and we're preparing to have a family-members-only party for new year's eve...
i was thinking about 2013 and some goals that i want to reach during this year. it's hard for me to write them down because (and my friends already know it) i'm not so good with constancy and perseverance.

that's my list:

# read 1 book for month... i love reading but sometimes it's easier turn on the tv and watch some stupid program instead of reading... well, it's time to come back to the old good habits!

# find a new course to attend... i really enjoy my ceramic course but i' ve always wanted to do a cooking course or a sewing one...

# follow as much as i can the improvements of my little one using all the montessori's methods and keep reading in english to her every single night (i've just discovered that she knows the animals names in english!! i'm so proud of her!!)

# one of my favorite blog, a beautiful mess, wrote a post few days ago about a 365 project... well i've thought about it and ... why not?! my 365 project will be a photo of one member of my family every day. the 2013 will be a fabulos year and having more pictures to immortalize it will be fantastic! plus... i'm not taking pictures as i used to. i don't know if it's because i've changed the camera and i'm still not sure using it or what... but i loved taking pictures and i used to take the camera with me almost every day in the past. plus, according to the blog i mentioned, i could be useful for improve my photographic skills.

# cook something new every 2 weeks. i keep it realistic: i will have busy weeks and zoeti will be sick again maybe, so i can't say once a week.

# some months ago me and giulio have written a list of all the places near where we live that we haven't seen yet... well i have to admit that we have visited just one of them! in 2013 we have to do better: at least 10 places!!

ok, folks! that's my to-do list for the new year. what about you? if you have a blog and you've write about it, please link the post below... i will be happy to read about your plans!

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