4 dic 2012

christmas shopping!

last saturday was crazy... we spent the day looking for christmas presents! we found out the perfect gift for all the little ones in our life and... of course... something special for zoeti! i think it's our first real gift for her! grannies and friends bought a lot of things since she was born and we took care of daily stuff such as clothes or small toys. But this Christmas is different: zoeti will understand the magic of decorating the house, santa's coming, presents to open in the morning with daddy and mommy... christmas is special with children and that's why we didn't get bored spending 4 hours in a toy shop (4 hours!!). we found a very nice shop full of wood and natural toys... no battery needed... the kind of toys that zoeti loves but that required more effort for a parent. if you have to built or draw or create something you have to teach how to do that to you kid: hardest but funniest!

I'm also searching a beautiful handmade advent calendar to copy for next year (yes... i know myself that's why i need a whole year to finish a project!). we bought one for this year but i prefer handmade. plus zoeti still doesn't know what waiting for something means (or what's christmas) so i have another year before using a real advent calendar (hopefully made by myself!).
That's some cute ideas i found out on web:



what do you think? Did you make your own advent calendar this year?

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  1. Hello, I discovered your blog via Amore Mio Bello ;-) These calendar ideas are so great! This year I decided to make my own for Thaïs (2 yrs), but started a bit late so am still in the process ;-) I must say that I didn't choose the easy way... You can judge by yourself here (http://itsnotallaboutfashion.over-blog.com/article-l-avent-et-son-calendrier-homemade-113079805.html) and there (http://itsnotallaboutfashion.over-blog.com/article-l-avent-le-calendrier-et-la-poule-113112041.html) BTW the blog is in french but the pix speak for themselves...


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