7 dic 2012

what about the second pregnancy?

it's not a secret for family and friends that we are thinking about having another baby... I'm only child so it will be strange and interesting seeing how things go between siblings! I've recently talked about it with a friend, expecting her third, and i've asked her what's the difference between the first and  the second time that you are pregnant. i know that every pregnancy is different, but i meant in your emotional approach and how people react. she said something that impressed me a lot - for the first one i recieved 10 good-luck-baby-shoes (it's a tradition here to give as a present to a mother-to-be a pair of baby shoes), while for the second they gave me 4, and for this pregnancy just one! like it were obvious that if all went well the first time you don't need lucky anymore, you know you can do it. also people's reaction were different: lots of presents and "let me see the baby" with the first born, even from not so close friends, a colder reaction with the second one. it's a pity for a mom, whose all her kids are equal, seeing so different reactions...

looking at zoeti now i can't help but wonder if i could give all the attention i gave to her until now even to another little one... you have to split it somehow and this make me feel guilty for the second one since now!!

do you have any experience about it? what's your opinion?

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