11 nov 2012

the pleasure of reading!

when i listened to other moms saying "my little one wants to hear always the same story... hundreds of times... i can't stand it anymore!" i thought they were exagerating... until the last couple of days! zoeti has this crush for a book we bought 3-4 months ago Squash and a Squeeze

  when i ask her to chose a book she always - and i say always!!- bring this one. and she doesn't want to hear the story... she turns the pages until the old lady has to push the cow inside. zoeti loves cows, and the cow sound. she wants just to read those 3-4 pages ... 

what about your kids? what's their favorite book? and if you are not in my situation already, i suggest you to think carefully about which book to read to your little ones because you can find yourself reading the same pages for a very long time!!

2 commenti:

  1. ahahah...my little one is exactly the same. she loves books and recently i bought books from a thrift store. one is called "nino" and we (her daddy and i) hate it because it has strange drawings and weird story...but she really LOVES it and always bring it to read or to turn the pages mostly as your little one does...just the evening i remmember her daddy saying "che palle!, ancora questo libro..." no comment!! ;-)

    1. Ah ah ah!!! the sad part is that - according with my friends with kids of 3-4 years old - it's getting worse!! next step: same cartoons or disney movies thousands of times!!!


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