20 nov 2012

a special sunday

8:30 breakfast

homemade apple pie

jesolo beach

a charming cafè
 i love the sea. full stop. and i need to sea and smell the sea at least once every season, included autumn and winter. we spent a wonderful day in a famous sea place near where we live, called jesolo, with some of our closest friends and their beautiful doughter. what else can you ask for a sunday?!
jesolo is famous for its movida during summertime and for one of the longest pedestrian streets in europe, full of shops (3/4 of them closed between october and march - unfortunately!). even pizzerias and restaurants were closed but we found out a very special place to eat and another one to have a coffee...

and after this special day, we had 2 days very hard: zoeti was sick (and still is) so... no sleeping, worries, aerosol therapy every 2 hours... finger crossed for tomorrow!

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  1. funny, i just wrote a post about spending the morning at the beach and read now your post about your sunday at the beach! i love the beach at this time of the year!
    good luck for your little one!


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