4 nov 2012

a rainy sunday

forecast news from the north-east of italy: rain rain and rain!!

after a very heavy week, full of cough and fever (i still don't understand why zoeti brings home from nursery beautiful handworks for grannies and just virus for me!! ), we spent a real homestay weekend, playing together, baking biscuits and watching movies, while outside was raining cats and dogs!

the biscuits recipe comes from a wonderful cooking book, that helps moms to cook healthy meal for kids and the whole family. the writer, Miralda Colombo, has a blog too (il cucchiaino di Alice) - in italian - and wrote this book with amazing pictures (see here).

we are huge Miyazaki fans! we spent sunday afternoon in bed watching the secret world of Arriettywhere Miyazaki is a co-writer, and we loved it! i definitely recommend all Miyazaki movies but this one is so sweet and delicate making it suitable even for young children!

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