16 nov 2012

looking for inspiration

Approaching dinner time, the question is always the same: what can i make for dinner? since when i'm a mom the answer is even more difficult because i have to think of something suitable even for zoeti. and it's not because i'm lazy (ok... there's a small part of lazyness in that!) but also because she wants to eat what we are eating. no exceptions. if she finds something different in her plate she pushes the plate away and says gnam gnam looking at my or daddy's food! i've already wrote about my julia child moments here and my organizing tips for weekly meals here. well... now i'm more in a let's-find-out-some-inspiration moment. i'm watching all the cooking programs on tv (italian tv is full of that! thanks gordon ramsay and masterchef!) and i want to share what i've found on web.

what would you do to convince your child to eat vegetables?! that's some funny ideas!

images from this website

some of my favorite websites when i'm looking for some new ideas:

http://www.misya.info/ >> that's what i'm going to try next (italian only)
http://www.la7.it/imenudibenedetta/index.html >> a famous tv program where a nice journalist with a big passion for cooking, cooks 3 or 4 dishes per episode

when i need to see the magic of good food that's where i go:
http://www.cannellevanille.com/ >> because the important thing is not only cook something good, but present it in the right way!
http://simplybreakfast.blogspot.it/ >> good morning world!

source: www.google.dk

mmm... almost dinner time! what are you going to cook this evening? 
[this post was writing around 5 pm... ;) ]

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  1. lucky us for now, little one eats still on her own (so we can enjoy dinner alone...) and she eats everything i make. i wonder if this will change!?

  2. zoeti also eats by herself but after 10 mins she has to run, read a book, play with toys... everything not by herself of couse!! and our dinner finishes there!


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