14 nov 2012

shopping and bad mood

back from shopping... or better what was supposed to be shopping! i understand that pregnancy change everything, the bottom part of my eyes will never be pink again, my body will never be the same (if your name is not heidi klum you know what i'm talking about!) but... really we need to see it in a mirror every single time we buy clothes or - worst - lingerie?!? who's the man (or the evil woman) that approve a certain light in the dressing room?!

the result: no shopping and a bad bad mood for the rest of the day!

what's your shopping attitude? if the first thing you try makes you fell horrible do you keep looking for or desist?

2 commenti:

  1. I have a nasty over estimate of my sexyness that do not allow me to be real with the mirror, I do think that I always look good.
    not bad mood for me.but quite a bit of silly looks from Mika after shopping !

    1. That's another thing that women and men do NOT have in common!! your brother is exactly like you!!


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