11 lug 2012

dinner for three

yesterday evening i finally decided that it's time for zoeti to eat what we eat! it's not because i'm lazy (ok... i'm a little tired to prepare always two different type of meal!) but also because she's always snacking from our plates while eating. my first "dinner for three" experiment was stuffed zucchini (super easy and super quickly!).


i've used zucchini from my dad's garden, natural ham and parmigiano reggiano cheese  - i'm italian so... the original one! ;) 

step 1:

after boiling zucchini for 5 minutes, cut them in half and scoop out the inside

step 2: 

put the inside of the zucchini in a pot with oil and onion and, after 15 minutes, whisk it with ham and the grated cheese. (that's the time to add some salt if you want. i didn't do it because zoeti eats no salt or sugar). add the yolk (which is the first egg part that a baby can try) 

step 3:

fill the zucchini with the mixture and add some breadcrumbs on the top

step 4:

30 minutes, 200°

and that's the result: 

i've add some goat cheese for zoeti

ok i'm not Julia Child, but i love cooking when i have time to do it properly and i'm always looking for new recipes baby-friendly.

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