23 lug 2012

trieste #1

pastry shop La Bomboniera

inside caffè degli specchi

we spent the last weekend in trieste. i've never been there even if it's not so far and all of my friends say that it's a charming city. and it is!
you can totally see the contamination of different culture and the historical bonding with habsburg empire. trieste is famous for coffee (and that's why it's definetly my city!), castle and the bora, a typical wind coming from north-east that could be very very strong!
we found a tiny and wonderful b&b downtown called "ai moretti", with old style furniture (the owner loves antiques and mix them with modern pieces).
first of all we had a look at the centre, took a couple of coffees and sweets in two of the oldest coffee shops in town and visited st. giusto's castle. [...]

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