22 ago 2013

what children teach you

thank you, girls! you are teaching me how to slow down, take time, breathe. if you have two kiddos so close in age and so little, forget the clock. don’t say i will be there at… because you will never be on time. don’t make plans too tight… even if you need a little bit of organization being flexible is your priority. i was always in a hurry before becoming a mom. and what for? zoeti is becoming independent and she needs her time to do things as she wants. i can scream and do things in its place or take a step behind (thanks tracy hogg!) and look her growing and learning new things.
and take a look around with their eyes. they can see things you never noticed before. alma is just discovering the world and that’s a magical moment. she moves her little face when i talk, smiles even if still not voluntarily, opening her eyes to lights and shadows.
i have to admit that sometimes i just need to do things quickly but then zoeti stops me, right in the middle of the street or while i am packing everything to go outside just because there is a plane in the sky or a dog is walking outside or she HAS to give a kiss to alma. and i remember how lucky i am.
thank you, girls!

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