1 ago 2013

40 weeks...

(source) that's so funny!!!

my i-phone app this morning said "hello barbara, you are 40 weeks pregnant, within the 3rd trimester".
i would never had said... the gynecologist on the 16th of july told me "you are ready for the child birth. your body is ready" and that was a big mistake! i convinced myself that my baby would be born soon, very soon... i had contractions (the real ones) three time since then but every time they stopped by themself. i remember the midwife i met when zoeti was born; she told us "the birth is the first decision that your baby takes" and that's true! my body can be ready as much as i want but my baby is not. this last week was very very hard... everybody asking "news?" "how do you feel?" . they just want to be kind and maybe they're just curious, but for someone waiting is a torture.
i searched for the statistic and what i found is that 5% of babies are born on the expected date, 30% before that date and 65% after. it's conforting, right?

so, let's wait!

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