13 ago 2013

first exit as four

last sunday we spent the day in a park near where we live… first experience as a family of four! organization is not so easy: while giulio got zoeti ready i was breastfeeding alma, then i had to dress up the little one and me but in meantime zoeti was hungry… i don’t know how can i manage all this things alone!!
anyway we went to this park called oasi rossi where they have animals such as pigs, ducks, rabbits… and some playgrounds for kids. there’s also a butterfly park and a train.
zoeti loves this place! it’s always full of kids, she asks me about the train even before leaving home, and she loves watching the animals!DSC_0442DSC_0455Untitled-1DSC_0458
this parrot really wanted your cracker!Untitled-3DSC_0465
butterflies and beautiful flowers…
what Alma Aiko did most of the time… my sleeping beauty! DSC_0479   Untitled-4

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