25 ago 2013

MuSe: science museum in trento

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on saturday we spent the day in the new science museum in trento: muse. renzo piano is the famous architect that designed the structure and you can easily guess it from the outside: glasses everywhere! the museum is awesome! 5 floors of dinosaurs, different types of animals, flora and fauna of the mountains, human evolution and even a tropical greenhouse! but the thing i loved most is that it’s children friendly: there is a whole floor of science experiments to try and screens to help understand the different types of animals. a funny and instructive plus for kids! maybe zoeti is still too little to understand and appreciate such a thing but we’ll surely come back soon. Untitled-7DSC_0819
>> zoeti tried the fakir’s bed <<
just a negative thing: please, renzo piano, next time think about automatic doors!  have to push two heavy doors with a stroller is not that easy!
>> i love wearing my baby!! <<
and that’s how we ended the day: with a injured toddler and a visit to the ER! my little zoeti have had a pronation of the ulna! luckily the doctor has adjusted her in 5 minutes!
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