23 feb 2013

we ♥ books!!

that's what's new in zoeti's library... i'm kind of shopaholic when it comes to books (expecially children's book). i don't remember if i mentioned that we're trying to raise our child as much bilingual as possible (me and Giulio are both italians, born and living in italy). i'm following all the suggestions in this website bilingue per gioco (bilingual for fun - italian only), where the founder tells that it's not fundamental to be mother language to teach another language, but there are other ways. so we're buying just english books and dvds for zoeti and ... hoping for the best! i'll normaly take suggestion for books to buy in that website or here in the blogsphere, but recently i've found out that in england they give a bookstart pack to every child living in the territory (isn't that wonderful!). that's the website. in the site there's a section called book where you can find suggestions for babies, toddlers or preschoolers, and it was so useful for me! i've just bought other books from amazon but i'll told about them after a break-in period..

:: i live in tokyo :: we don't read this book very often... i think it's more suitable for older kids, but i bought it anyway bacause i think it's important for zoeti to know and understand the place where aunty comes from and her cousin is half japanese as well! we've been to japan three years ago (looong time ago!) and i loved it! it was already one of my favorite countries... i love all the tea ritual, the geisha's history, a religion so different from mine and i love sushi!
plus, there is a kind of vocabulary inside... if you want to learn some basic japanese words!

:: cleversticks :: it's another book about diversity and different culture. i think it's important for zoeti to read stories from different countries or with characters from all over the world. italy is slowly becoming an international country: zoeti will be at school with chinese, moroccan, ghanaians, vietnamese and so on and it will be such a great chance for her to discover new languages and habits! in this book a chinese-american boy doesn't want to go to school anymore because he doesn't know to do what the others can. but soon he discovers that using chopsticks is what he can do and others can't.

:: who's like me? ::
:: the game of mix and match :: definetely two of her favorites! there's a lot to do with little hands such as finding new combinations of colors and shapes or discover new animals!

:: how to make an apple pie and see the world :: definetely one of my favorite!! i can't read the whole story to zoeti because she keeps turning pages looking for the cat, the dog, cows, hens, and all the other animals that the protagonist meets along the way! a book about travelling and cooking... the best!!

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