21 feb 2013


it's been a hard week... we're ri-organizing the house, trying to find more space for stocking stuff and to keep everything on order, since we'll have to restructure one floor of the house. zoeti is sick... again... cough... last night went pretty bad and today i'm in a lack of sleep! my sciatica is driving me crazy and after cleaning the whole house (not alone btw...) i feel destroyed.
but then comes a moment, while your baby is finally sleeping peacefully, you look around yourself and everything is clean, and you decide to have a coffee (decaf... of course!) and a homemade muffin (i made them yesterday and the turned out pretty good!). the only movement that you feel is your little one in the tummy (i've started to fell the movements last week !)outside is snowing (yes... again!) and everything is ..still..

2 commenti:

  1. Isn't it wonderful to feel those first movements inside. With this one wasn't until after 20 weeks, and now there's no stopping it!

    rachel xo

  2. Lovely post... I hope Zoeti is well again now. My two girls have had colds this week as well. And you poor thing with your sciatica... I remember that only too well from my last pregnancy. Glad you could stop and enjoy some lovely moments amid your tiring day xx


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