13 feb 2013

maternity doubts

zoeti was 2 weeks old

i'm thinking a lot about maternity these days... being pregnant for the second time makes me feel sometimes impatient and sometimes afraid. it's not only about feeling like "am i be able to love this second like my first kid?" or "how can i give him/her all the attention i gave to his/her sister?" it's also about practical things. zoeti is turning 2 in a four months and if you have a kid at that age you know what it means...whims and crying every ten seconds. but zoeti adds something new (at least for me): she's this way just with me. she's wants daddy for everything and when giulio comes back home she become a kind of little angel always following daddy and sitting on his lap. ok, maybe i'm seeing everything worse than it actually is because maybe i'm a little bit (but just a little..) jelous. come on, i'm the mom! i'm supposed to be the centre of her universe... i know that instead of being so childish i have to thank god that she has a great relationship with her dad, because when we'll have this other baby i'll have to share my attention between both of them and it will not be easy. but right now i can only see her calling daddy to go to sleep and tell me "go away" when i try to help her... and i'm sad..

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  1. That's such a beautiful photo. Having a second baby sure changes things. I always tell my friends who have had a first baby, "Enjoy it with everything you have because you don't ever get this time again with the second or third kids." It will all be wonderful x

  2. There was a poem I shared on my blog last year that is perfectly suited to you right now and the emotions you are going through...


    It's all about wondering how you can love another like you love your first born and all the magic that comes with having baby #2... Our family life is all the more richer having our two little girls and I found that the love I had just grew and grew once our little one joined our family x


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