23 gen 2013

spinach & potatoes pie

one of my new year's resolutions was cooking something new every two weeks... well i'm not following this point very much lately! but i'll make it up, promise!
let's start with this pie. i feel like i'm kind of cheating because i've already made a lots of pies... but not this one so i think i can consider it " a new dish"!

first of all cook some spinach (i've used the frozen ones - 250 gr) with some butter

than add 4 boiled potatoes (mash them a little bit before), salt & pepper

coating the pan with the puff pastry and add the filling. add a mozzarella cutted in small pieces (open her the day before so she can lose her liquid). i've added also some cheese on the top (grana padano)
- i've had a little helper as you can see! - 

that's the result! i'm sorry but we were so hungry that we ate the pie before the picture!

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