18 gen 2013

1# book review

i had promised to read at least one book every month (see the others my resolutions here ) so that's my first book review!

"i sogni dei bambini" - Sergio Bambarén (i don't know if there's an english version of this book - sorry)

My aunt gave this to me as birthday present last year and i never found time to read it... what a pity! this book is wonderful! it talks about a rich men that gets lost in a very poor district and he recognize that that was the place where he used to live with his family. he meets another him, a happier one, that shows him his past as it was (poor but happy) and not as he remembered.
the style is close to Coelho's and the topic is the one that make you think... because even if you grow up, the dreams that you had as a chid remain the same - and you have to remember that!

"al mondo ci sono persone talmente povere da non possedere nulla, oltre il denaro"
there are people so poor that they own nothing, except money      

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