6 gen 2013

Befana's day!

zoeti first befana!

the antiques market

waiting for the befana...

the 6th of january is not only the epiphany day... i don't know if it's the same in other countries, but according to our tradition today is the day when an old lady, flying on a broom, goes to every kid's house and bring sweets if you are a good boy/girl or coal if you are a bad one. every italian plaza is full of children today waiting to see the befana (that's her name) and receive the traditional sock full of goodies.
zoeti is still too small to understand and today, when we have met the first befana she started crying! it's a common reaction because normally she has a kind of grotesque mask and she's hunchback.... with a creepy voice... she doesn't seem a children thing, but when they turn 4 or 5 they love her! it's a way to have chocolate and sweets after christmas and before easter! sometimes she brings toys too!

anyway, our town organized a great event this afternoon, for all the kids, with a befana jumping down from the bell tower, and socks and ballons for all the kids. except for the befana zoeti really enjoyed all those people, and colours, and friends to play with!

how was your day?

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  1. this is completely italian and we don't have that in France! a pity, it must be fun for kiddos! the 6th is still celebrated as the epiphany here with a good king cake!


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