13 ott 2012

take-care-of-mommy day!

back from a couple of days just for me! no... i didn't leave for some fancy spa, but i spent the yesterday morning at my hairdresser and this morning having a relaxing wonderful californian massage (birthday present from my husband!).
my hairdresser was ... let's say... disappointed when i told her "only a trim ok?", so she gave me the big cut book "let's take a look... maybe for next time..". i was looking at all those beautiful and extremely short hair cut and the temptation was big. if only i could see if i like my face without those long hair! when i came back home i searched for an application. there's application for everything and, of course, there is one (actually more than one) also to have a preview of your face with different hair color or cut. i tried one called taaz: you have to upload one of your pictures (use a straight-on photo with hair pulled back) and choose make up and hair. i suggest you to start from make up; every kind of hairstyle that you try would be bad if your face isn't fine. so: skin, lips, eyes and then hair.
i've tried halle berry style (very very short),
cameron diaz bob

and jessica stroup version

i have the feeling that next time it wouldn't be just a trim ;) what about you? are you the type of person that ask for something blindly or - like me - an always prepared person with photos, suggestions and preview when needed?!

PS: what's a californian massage? to say it in one word the heaven! check it out here! an hour massage with warm body oil, that remembered me the movement of waves...

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