8 ott 2012

bye bye canon...welcome olympus!

a couple of weeks ago we had an accident with the camera: it dropped and broke. we could use it anyway but without autofocus.
i loved my canon, but the truth is that we need to change it anyway, or at least we need to buy some good lenses. while i was reading camera reviews i found out the world of mirrorless. a friend had already left the canon-reflex side for an olympus mirrorless and she told wonders. basically my choice is based on the practicality that an smaller and lighter camera (but still with good quality) can give me. mommy bags are already too heavy to add other kilos and it's a pity to give up bringing the camera always with you! you never know when you find something to immortalize!!

but now comes the hardest part: knowing something new. i need time to understand how it works, not in absolute, but for me! the seller told me: come back in a couple of weeks and ask me how to make this camera working for you.
so... to us, olimpus e-p3

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