18 ott 2012

my "Julia Child" day

once in a while i feel the urge to cook... yesterday was one of these days! Unfortunately was not "let's take a long nap" day for zoeti so she slept just one single hour... how can you cook with a crying baby, who wants to see what's on the table and help you?! I let her help, of course... it's funny when she is so concentrate in helping mommy!
It takes a little bit longer, with frequently stops to see our neighbour's cat from the window, but we made it!

apple cake:

we enjoyed it!!

creamy carrot soup: 


apple cake:
2 apples
2 yolks
180 gr of flour
130 gr of sugar (or 80 gr of sugar and ... some marple syrup)
50 gr of butter
1/2 glass of milk
1 spoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt

beat the yolks with sugar(save 2-3 spoons for the end)  and add half melted butter. than add milk, flour, baking powder, salt and mix well. pour the mixture into the pan and put the apples thinly sliced vertically. add the remaining butter and sugar on the top. baking 180° for 40 mins.

creamy carrot soup:
4 big carrots
2 potatoes
a small onion

fry slightly the onion and add carrots and potatoes cutted in small pieces.  pour some broth (1lt ca.)  and let it cooking for about 20 mins.  whip everything and add cream . you can eat it with cheese and  parsley or chive.

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