1 ott 2012

cloth diapers review


it's 8 months that i'm using cloth diapers and some of my friends are asking me if i would recomend them, how it works, how is my experience... i'm using pocket diapers.
so, that's my story!

when zoeti was born she was simply too small to wear that big diapers so i used disposable diapers for the first months. during that time i read a lot of comments about pro and cons of cloth diapers and i decided to try them (read the post here). to be 100% honest, i didn't try cloth diapers at first because... zoeti was my first child... i had tons of things to learn and to figure out i didn't want to addsomething else to my already full schedule.

i'm still not using them exclusively because i want that zoeti remains dry during the night but i use them almost every day  when i'm at home... yes... i said when i'm at home because zoeti's nursery do not accept cloth diapers so... and i'm not using them when she stays with my mum or my mother in law (they would not be very happy about it!).

in other words, until may she was using them almost every day, the whole day, because i was working just 3 days a week (part-time). from may she started the nursery and i working full-time, which means 2 or 3 cloth diapers per day during weekdays, more during weekends.

do it for the earth!
but still, i suggest you to try. the first months we (my husband & me) stared at that huge amount of garbage that zoeti was creating and we felt awful. we don't have a proper green consciousness but we try to take care of our earth, and that seemed a totally waste of plastic, chemicals and packaging! and money!! our city gives you 100 euros if you buy cloth diapers (and you don't need much more money to buy all the diapers you need) and you have to buy them just once and keep them for the 2nd baby, and the 3rd...

washing them is not a big deal!
washing them is not a big work: i bought a big washable bag and i clean it with diapers (just put everything in the washing machine without taking them out... the spin cycle will let them out). - that's mine -
and you don't need any special soap; i use marseilles soap or bicarbonate and vinegar as softened.

prevent allergies!
i'm an allergic person, so that's influenced my choice too. i didn't want all that whitening products used for disposable diapers on my beautiful baby's skin if i can have something different!

any questions? ;)

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