21 mag 2012

zoeti turns one!

birthday's eve at some friends' wedding

everything is ready for the party!

some of her presents

no words to describe happiness

that's not my last weekend, but THE weekend! zoeti had her first birthday!! we had a very busy week, between work, cooking, organizing, cold & cough, but we made it! i hoped in a good warm weather (it's 20th of may - for God sake!) but nope... rain, rain and rain... luckily we found a place to have dinner with all (and i say all) our families: a bounch of uncles, aunts, cousins and nieces!

but starting from the beginning we have been to a wedding, the day before, of a couple of our good friends (pictures 1 &2). beautiful place, delicious food, bride & husband terribly in love and zoeti with a very cute dress...

the 20th we had lunch with our closest friends, they are like aunts and uncles for zoeti and we're looking forward to have two new little friends in our big family! ;)
than we had dinner with our family, with other laughs, presents, cake and fun!
in the end we were tired but soooooooo happy for our little princess! we took a moment later yesterday evening, to think about last year, the first time we saw her, we hug and kiss her... seems like yesterday!

we love you sweety!

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