10 mag 2012


sorry for the silence, but i had a very busy week! zoeti began the nursery and this thing destabilized my family balance.... when we got back from NY she was not good: teething, jet lag and some intestinal flu all together. she was crying for nothing all day and this situation lasted until last weekend when she finally returned to be "my girl". on monday we started with the nursery... and i was afraid of a new changing... the reactions that she could have had... apparently she enjoys very much playing with other kids, she's not shy at all (already know that!) and she loves her teachers.

yep...she's completely fine without mummy... but for me it's not that easy looking at her playing with others, smiling to others... i'm jelous! the truth is that i'd want to stay with my princess every day but i know that it's important for her to socialize with others, understand how to play with other kids... nursery can be a good thing, i'm sure of that, but it's not easy at all! i think that the "entry weeks" are more useful to mothers than to children!

ah... and i'm trying to organize zoeti's birthday party and a bachelorette party... !!

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  1. " i think that the "entry weeks" are more useful to mothers than to children" : condivido completamente!!! ;-)

    1. yes, my dear! e purtroppo l'inserimento sta per finire! :(


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