29 mag 2012


when i decided to have a blog i wanted to talk about motherhood, beauty stuff, easy going chat... until this morning.
i'm italian... i live in the north-east... i'm scared... maybe you get used to earthquakes but not me. i can't remember the last one - maybe i was 3 or 4 - so i'm scared. being a mom means being responsible for two. this morning my husband was already at work so the responsability of zoeti was just mine. and i panicked...

the nursery is closed for precaution and i run outside the house for every shake (5 or 6 since now) with zoeti. i know rationaly that my house is safe but it's an uncontrolled reaction.

and i check the situation on internet... there's people who are losing everything... mothers like me worried for their children... 
No easy chatting today, but a respectful silence.

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