14 mag 2012

bachelorette party in venice!

the bride-to-be: chiara

who said that warm people live just in the south of italy?? venice is full of... friendly boys!



the girls!

venice, a bride, some crazy girls and... ruyi! ready for the treasure hunt?!

ok... we're girls... so there's always time for a little shopping !

ok... back from a very busy weekend... friday the opening of the photographic studio of a friend and the seat of the ceramic course i attend in one of the most beautiful location around here: an old factory completely restored. the two hosts made a great job with candles, food, wine and music and we enjoyed very much!

on saturday: bachelorette party of one dear friend, chiara (his wife-to-be). destination venice!
i can't say to much about the day (the groom has to know less as possible for the moment!!) but we enjoyed so much! we met some friendly fishermen, chiara had to do some ... stuff.. funny stuff... and maybe because she was part of a theater company but she did a great job, no shy at all. we had a treasure hunt around venice and, of course, a super yummy pasta as dinner!
thanks girls for the lovely day!

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