13 dic 2013

Vegan, vegetarian or...

Lately I'm thinking about our way to eat. I live in a place where dairy and meat are very diffuse. Among my friends there are just two vegetarians, no one single vegan, but many around me experiencing a situation of doubt and indecision. I want to be honest: I think it's impossible for me to become vegan... I love milk, cheese, eggs... But avoiding meat is something I really want to try! I already mentioned the book I'm reading – the china study (between one about child care and one about montessori's activities!). Yesterday I was at a meeting about homeopathy and a woman said that changing her eating habits changed her life. She suffered of rheumatoid arthritis and switching to a vegan diet made her feeling better without medicines. I don't know if it was because I know closely that disease or because she read that book too, but I keep thinking about it...
One of my resolution for these last two months was cooking more vegetarian dishes and I'm really understanding how hard is for me avoid meat, especially ready-sliced salami. And even harder is cooking legumes and cereals that I didn't even know that existed! Luckily as I've said, I'm not alone and I'm always asking recipes to my friends.
It's time for thinking about a lot of things in my life: what kind of mommy I want to be  how to raise my child, how eat better, if vaccinating or not, if it's time for homeopathy for my little girl with bronchospasm... Even if it's hard I think it's a good thing questioning from time to time: it gives you the chance to learn from others and from your errors!
That's some of my favorite vegetarian/vegan blogs:
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La frittata è fatta: a new new entry, but I've already seen a couple of recipes I really want to try!
I love browsing about food blogs... Some of them have very beautiful pictures ... The best are:
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  1. it's been more than a half of my life that i avoided meat from my diet. but just that, because i love too much fish... and even if i stopped eating fish for a couple of years, i actually eat it.
    my husband is a meat lover so i'm always cooking 2 recipes at the same time, but now i've started to cook just fish on mondays, vegetarian on fridays, and planning about more vegetarian days, but i make it softly ;) maybe you could also try like this, to cook just vegetarian once a week...
    and about dairy i can't help you, i'm "lucky" i've never loved milk and never tested cheese!

    1. That's a great idea! Thanks!
      You never tested cheese?!? Really? Me and my daughter could live just with cheese!

    2. lol
      i've never loved dairy... even in preschool i remember they gave us a glass of milk or a piece of cheese, i never ate/drink them, but one day they forced me to drink milk and i vomited it!!!!
      merry christmas!


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