7 set 2012

travel with kids to "cinque terre": advices

ok, moms... that's the fact: cinque terre are NOT easy to visit with strollers and kids. we made a mistake going there while zoeti is still so young. for a couple is one of the best and romantic place i've ever seen. you can walk from hamlet to hamlet or take the train from one place to another... the train... that's what i considered wrong! i thought "ok, if there's a train it will be easy to move from one place to another". that's partially true. yes, you can move from town to town, but not inside the town! there are steps everywhere!! every time we reached one place, we saw just the main street and nothing else... no wanderings along small and hidden streets, looking for little tresures.
If you really want to go, plan to visit monterosso (it has a beautiful pathway along the sea and no steps!), vernazza (just a main road goes from the train station to the sea... no steps) and go for the via dell'amore, the romantic pathway between riomaggiore and manarola.

genova is another story. the city is big, and we didn't see it properly but food is amazing even for kids (pasta al pesto is a passepartout) and the aquarium worth a visit! we are still talking about the largest aquarium in italy and the second one in europe, and the structure was designed by renzo piano... not a random one!
we let zoeti free to run from one tank to another and she loves it! we met a mom, waiting for going inside, who told us that she comes to the aquarium once a week with her kid during winter time, just because they can easily spend 3-4 hours and she can let her boy free to play and learn something! my only hint about it is: go during weekdays and not in august (peak season). i've read from the website that it's possible to plan a night inside the aquarium, to discover the habits of the different species. i have to keep that in mind for when zoeti will grow!

for any question about this trip, ask please!

what do you suggest for my next family journey?

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