7 giu 2012

what's up lately...

such a strange day today... actually the last three days were pretty strange... and not only for me! zoeti is teething (again!! ) and has a terrible cough (thanks nursery!) so she's not sleeping very well and during the day she always complaining, crying or looking for something that make her fell better... and all the mothers know that if your child is not well, you are not well either.
we had our moments, it's not just a black hole without happy moments:

we drawn for the very first time

we had picnic in our new roof garden (more pics are coming soon!)

our flowers are blooming - zoeti loves smelling flowers even when they don't smell at all!

i cooked one of my favorite dish - vegetarian couscous

maybe it's just the weather - so grey and... indefinite- that makes me fell so indolent...

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