23 giu 2012

venetian lagoon

And finally Giulio came… we were on the beach yesterday when he arrived… Zoeti was quite surprised and certainly happy to see his daddy but not as much as he was! So today was officially our first day on holiday as a family and we spent the morning with bicycles around the venetian laguna. Giulio’s uncle was our guide. He knows very well the area around here; they spent one week every year on holiday in this camping the last 30 years! I read on Elle an article about the beautiful places around Venice and it was mentioned Lio Piccolo, a very small area of the same town where we are (Cavallino Treporti). I’ve never been here before so I was looking to discover some beautiful places and take some picture… well, the laguna, seen slowly with a bicycle is charming! With all the strange birds, flamingos, fishes, all the colors, and all these small streets  with picturesque houses…  these are some pictures that I took

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  1. thanks for talking about our beloved lagune and helping to spread the knowledge about it :-)


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