20 giu 2012

camping life

So… the 2nd day alone with zoeti has gone…I can say that  i’m doing a great job (sometimes you need to tell you that!) trying to manage baby, caravan, food, showers (a lot of them), sand, dishwashing and  naps! I organized my day like this:
8: we wake up and have breakfast
9: we clean the breakfast mess, wash my teeth, and get ready for swimming pool (going to the beach only in the afternoon mean s not have to fight against sand for the whole day, but just in the afternoon!)
Around 11: cycling (when the sun is too strong for zoeti I dress her up and get a relaxing ride inside and outside the camping, trying to do some shopping as well (we’re girls after all!)
12: lunch and nap, which means some time for me for relaxing, after cleaning!
15: zoeti wakes up, we eat something and we play a little bit outside
16.30: let’s go to the beach!
18.30:  shower and dinner
21.30: let’s sleep zoeti!
Staying with her 24/7 it’s a great opportunity. She is so smart and I’m learning everyday something new of her. But let’s say that being alone is not that relaxing! All the baby responsibility is yours, and you can’t take five minutes of your own  when you want… and there’s another thing… watching all the family in the beach, kids playing with their parents… holidays are a family thing… and I miss my husband (and I’m pretty sure that zoeti misses her daddy). He’ll reach us on Thursday so, just another day of mum-and-daughter!

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