8 nov 2013

cows, calves & co.

we’re lucky enough to live in a place where children can see a cow or a sheep in real. yesterday i took my girls (and a zoeti’s friend and her mama) to a farm near where i used to live: la greppia’s farm. i know the owners and they’ve been so kind to let us visit the farm, see the milking and feed some young calves!
i discovered few weeks ago that zoeti knows where the milk comes from… i was surprised! she doesn’t know only about the cows but she showed me which part of the cows actually make the milk! she loves cows and we always stop to see calves when we buy milk. most of farms near here have vending machines for milk, open 24/7, and that’s where we stop to see calves and co.
so here we are, all the four of us (plus alma but she slept all. the. time.) at 5pm to see the milking! i have to say that was the first time also for me!
- no more stools and milking by hand, but computer and technology! -
- let’s bring the milk to the newborn calves! (the cutest little helpers i have ever seen!!) -
bye bye cows!!

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