5 set 2013

i have a secret to tell…

we already knew that zoeti would have a little sister! and she knowed it too!
during my 5th month of pregnancy i asked the doctor to write in a piece of paper if it will be a girl or a boy. the idea was to go to a beautiful place and let zoeti open the envelope while we took pictures of the moment.DSC_0117
and that’s the picture! unfortunately that day the weather was so bad, but we couldn’t wait for a sunny day (so rare here during winter!). zoeti was both excited and curious about it but i think she did not realized the fact that she would have been a big sister.
why we did that? i thought it would be easy for zoeti call my belly with her sister’s name, read her books about sisters relationship, listen to us talking about alma as already part of the family. and in the meanwhile we wanted to make a surprise for family and friends (as we did with zoeti) so it was a kind of “family secret”!
i don’t know if it’s because we prepared zoeti about her sister’ coming but she is absolutely adorable with alma, gives a lot of kisses, asks for hug her… yesterday i was breastfeeding alma and she took a pillow to put under my back to make me more comfortable! and i was thinking you’re just two years old!! how can you be so kind?! i’m so proud of the little person she is becoming!
i love you both so much!

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